Noha Fekry is an Egyptian singer/songwriter and an established figure in the Egyptian jazz scene. Fekry was a member in the Riff band from 2008 until 2016, before forming her own Jazz group. Her performances range from Jazz standards to arabic and world famous tunes re-harmonized and interpreted in her Jazz group’s fashion. She performs regularly inside and outside of Egypt, constantly collaborating with local and international musicians.

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In 2007, Noha released her first single, entitled "Together". The song is written, composed and arranged by the American musician Darryl Kennedy as part of an album called “Voices from the Sand”. 

In 2008, she became a member in the Riff band and the following year marked a full dedication to her music career, shifting from her previous career path. The Riff band performed all over Egypt in major events and functions including the Cairo International Jazz Festival 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2015.   

In 2012 she started her song writing journey and released two songs that year, namely "Namla", and "The Last Lullaby".


In 2013 she featured with renown Lebanese musician and composer Ziad Rahbani in the closing act of the Cairo International Jazz Festival. She featured with Yacub Urban Czech Quartet and with the Amro Salah Egyptian Jazz trio, in the festival in the following years; 2014 and 2016.

In 2015, she released her first album “A conversation” in collaboration with Egyptian jazz pianist Rami Attallah. They launched the album in Egypt and toured Amman with it in the same year.  In the following year Fekry performed with her group at the Amman Jazz Festival in April.

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Noha is currently an under study jazz Pianist, studying with Egyptian pianist Rashad Fahim, Berklee School of Music graduate.

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Aside from leading a jazz group, Noha took her own compositions and piano playing to stage, founding "Janan", an Arabic pop/rock band. The band released their singles throughout 2016 and began live performances starting 2017.