Desert Tree


No Forrest in the desert

You may find a shrub or two

Even a tree or two

A few plants here and there

But you will not find a forrest in the desert

Don't expect much shade from desert trees

They are strong and enduring

Grown tough by the tough desert

They wait in patience and endurance

Till a drop of water arrives

Till the sun so burning, breaks

Till they take a short break

Before the brutal cold bites of the night attack

Don't blame those trees for looking so hard

For not being beautiful

For not giving you shade as generous 

As the well bred forrest trees

Whatever they have, they have in scarcity

Whatever they got, was through a rough and continuing fight

Be kind and don't expect that they'd give so easily

They barely have something worth giving

So next time you see a desert tree

Bring your water, shade, and sweet breeze

Give it the break that it longs to have

Give it the break it needs without a fight

Noha Fekry